BMXNZ, The host Region & BMX Club will comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 by committing to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all riders, families and visitors to the BMX Event facility. It is the sports policy to “make every practical and reasonable effort to protect all visitors, to prevent accidents or serious harm injuries and promote safety and welfare of all persons while on the event facility”. BMXNZ, The host Region & BMX Club will take all possible steps to list and evaluate hazards and to determine solutions to eliminate or minimise those hazards as part of the Event Risk Management Plan (RMP), to meet the sports policy noted above.

BMX Racing is an action sport & inherently has risks that are accepted as part of sport. All known risks are noted in the BMXNZ Major Meeting RMP & this is available onsite during the event. Parties wanting to assess the RMP prior to entry must contact the club for detail. Entry to this event confirms an understanding of the risks of the sport as noted in the RMP. In the event of injury to an event participant, a completed entry is consent to proper medical treatment being administered. Event entry also consents to submit to drug testing if required. All entrants agree to be bound by the regulations and general conditions for this event as published by BMXNZ in its latest rule book. Any reference to BMXNZ within this flyer or entry is referring to BMX New Zealand Inc.

Safety and safe practices at all BMXNZ calendared events are not negotiable and failure by anyone to comply by the code of conduct or rules of the sport will result in the removal of such persons from the event facility. By entering this event you agree that coverage of this event in the form of live-streaming, photos & video coverage, may be used for BMX promotional use on, but not limited to online live streaming, Social Media, TV and subscription based TV programming.


The following rider gear is required for rider safety. These are the standard requirements of BMX New Zealand.

Full-face Helmet – BMX/MTB/Moto type, single piece helmets (no detachable chins)

Clothing - Full finger Gloves Long sleeve top covering the wrists and long leg pants, covering the ankles.

Close toes laced up shoes.

Recommended Rider Protection - Knee & Elbow pads

Optional Rider Protection Neck Brace, Chest/Back armor

This protective gear should be worn underneath any clothing where possible.

Bikes - Bike must be maintained to be safe and controlable when riding. All handle bars must have end plugs.


BMXNZ wishes to operate in an environment:

  • That is smoke, alcohol & drug free

  • that is free from harassment

  • where all participants show respect for others and their property

  • that is non-discriminatory

For the full Codes of Conducts for Rides, Parents and Offiicials please click the button below.